Planning is essential when considering the ‘state’ of your estate – how will your assets be preserved, passed on, and will your wishes be fulfilled? Without proper planning, it is not uncommon for large portions of estates to be sacrificed to taxes. This unfortunate situation is avoided when you have an Estate Review to specifically define and control what happens to your estate upon your death.

Few things give investors more confidence than knowing that the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate throughout their life are protected from estate taxes and preserved for heirs. Whether you want to provide income for a spouse, an education for children and/or grandchildren or leave money to a preferred charity, we all want assurances that our estates will fulfill our last wishes.

Through an Estate Review, we at Pratt Collard Buck Advisory Group can assist you in putting together the proper plan and give you peace of mind that your estate is protected from estate taxes and preserved for your heirs.