We consider your decision to invest with us a tremendous responsibility. Your assets are treated and handled as though they were our very own. We own the same investments you do. With objectives aligned, we view our relationship as an investment partnership.

  • We are strong believers in the benefits of a value driven, long-term investment process. Remember, investors make money in the long run, while traders attempt to make money in the short run.  We are investors.
  • We will communicate with our investment partners as candidly and timely as possible.
  • We look to achieve superior long-term investment results by investing in assets (equities, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds) that are trading at a discount to their private market value or intrinsic value.  This combined with strong finances, proven management, and an understandable business model reassure us and our investment partners that we are purchasing stakes in companies that are undervalued, safe, and in the hands of trusted managers.
  • We ignore what has become “market noise” such as TV pundits/24 hour financial news cycles.
  • Our process is built on a team approach.  In addition to portfolio managers, we consider ourselves analysts and actively contribute to the pool of investment ideas. 
  • After determining your risk comfort level, net worth, age, income needs, savings, and other specific information, we generate an individually tailored portfolio using the appropriate investments from our internally developed Buy/Hold/Sell list.

Simply put our goal is to provide our investment partners with the finest money management results given a reasonable level of risk and couple that with the highest level of personal service. The most compelling evidence of the success of our process is the number of multi-generation clients our firm has had the fortune of serving. 

To learn more about our Investment Approach, please read our Principles and Philosophy document in its entirety.